Friday, March 02, 2007

Square Mile Smile

Among a myriad of jobs todayI was back at Square Mile today to take photographs of the company’s new non-executive director, a human resources guru Suzanne Goodland.

Everyone was mid board meeting which presented a challenge of finding a good spot for a photograph within a few yards of their offices in Newbury. I had already taken a shot of Mia outside the office with the obligatory name plate outside, so wanted something else – not that it would have been possible as vandals had nicked the sign!

A handy piece of street furniture and some urban sprawl in the background and a few minutes later we had taken this shot, of (left to right) Nicola Ogston, Mia Drennan and Suzanne Goodland.

  • Quick Photoshop tip for you all: to throw the background a little more out of focus when you have had to use a reasonable depth of field, create a duplicate layer, add a subtle blur with filters and then erase that blur from the parts you want in focus, allowing the background layer to shine through.

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