Thursday, December 13, 2007

Patience Pays off for Architect's Press Release

When Morgan PR is advising companies on public relations we always preach patience as a virtue; if something is so time specific then it may be that advertising is the best route. However, a good news story that catches an editor's eye may wait several publication cycles before it is finally published.

Take for instance Inspiration Architect's brilliant performance in the International Property Awards held last month in Las Vegas. Morgan PR was quick to help them with a press release and photograph, not least as we had already successfully promoted the company reaching the final earlier in the year. This would also prove an incentive for the media to follow the story up.

However, it has taken three weeks before the above article has been published in the Newbury Property News. Yet clearly when you see the article as it has appeared - in the top right corner of a page - then it was obviously worth waiting for.

Inspiration Architects have been patient, but I have known others who will nag and cajole the newspaper to know when 'their story' will be published. Now how often do you think that backfires?

In the distant days when I was a reporter I can recall making the choice on what story would go forward from several of equal merit to fill a single space. Do you think any journalist feels disposed toward the company that nags?

So be patient. If a well written release does not appear then it merely gives you more credability next time as it could be perceived as 'your turn'.

Of course, if it was a badly written or poorly timed release... it didn't deserve to be published!

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