Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ministers spend £30,000 on media training

'Ministers spend £30,000 on media courses' so screamed a headline on the Mail Online yesterday after the remarkably modest spend was revealed via the Freedom on Information Act.

Morgan PR offers media training and while we have yet to help a Minister, our media training services have helped businesses in Newbury, West Berkshire and throughout the Thames Valley to better create and manage their reputations in the media.

We also offer a free download on '15 Top Tips for Surviving the Broadcast Interview' which anyone hoping to get on the televison should download for free and read! By all means forward it to any Ministers you might know!

The Daily Mail's online story is something of a non story in reality - of course Minister need media training when rabid journalists from just such publications are pursuing them! What is more, these courses are - as the story reveals - actually delivered by other journalists.

We use journalists when we deliver our courses, although to be honest it was not my time as a reporter alone that prepared me to deliver the media training services that Morgan PR offers to Newbury businesses, but it was actually the time spent as a press officer for Thames Valley Police that allowed us to truly glimpse the demands that the media can make.

The joke goes that as a journalist I was a poacher and turned gamekeeper when approached by Thames Valley Police, before becoming a sought after poaching and gamekeeping consultant when Morgan PR was launched in 2002.

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