Thursday, February 14, 2008

Square Mile Connections with Dubai

Morgan PR is lucky enough to have been writing about Square Mile Connections since the company was first launched a couple of years ago; it has been especially fun seeing how founder Mia Drennan and her team have been building upon their success at a time when many in the recruitment sector seem to be faltering.

Meeting with them today I was thrilled to hear that they have moved far beyond their traditional appointment ground of the City and indeed further than local appointments for clients in Newbury. Now Square Mile Connections are appointing in Dubai, Hong Kong, Mauritius and New York.

You will be able to discover more in the forthcoming edition of Newbury Business Today (the newspaper formerly known and the Newbury Business News!), but it goes some way to explaining why Mia and her Recruitment Director Nicola Ogston are looking quite so pleased with themselves in this photo, taken outside of the Kings Road West offices in Newbury.

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