Thursday, February 07, 2008

Morgan PR Takes Action

Many of our clients and certainly readers of this blog will be familiar with Morgan PR's ever blossoming relationship with Action Coach; it has taken us to Las Vegas for a seminar with the company founder, Brad Sugars and every fortnight it has been taking us to Sally Rainbow-Ockwell's Profit Club.

Now we have invested in Sally's support and expertise on a one-to-one basis and this means each and every week we get her advice and encouragement to help drive us towards our goals.

We have commented before that not all Action Coaches are created equal and Sally was not the first coach we met and I doubt she will be the last, but she has delivered first class coaching time and time again and we have reaped the benefits of Profit Club and I am confident that we will very soon be celebrating exponential success with Sally on board.

This morning we have had our one-to-one and was like Profit Club on steroids; all the energy and advice of those sessions focused specifically on our business and what we want to achieve.

We will still be going to Profit Club because it offers a community level of advice and support from like-minded business professionals and I suspect the sum of the whole will be greater.

Already someone has asked me how long do I perceive that we will use Action Coach? Surely the answer is as long as they add value to what we do! I am confident that it will be for a long and very prosperous time to come!

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