Saturday, October 13, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

Next week the Morgan PR blog will be coming to you live – well live-ish – from Las Vegas, Nevada where we will be attending a seminar with the founder of Action Coach, Brad Sugars.

It was back in July that we attended a seminar at Newbury Racecourse for a two hour dose of the Australian Billionaire’s wisdom and ultimately a sales pitch to bring thrusting business owners to Las Vegas for his ‘Billionaire in Training’ business seminar.

We’d been wavering until Sally Rainbow-Ockwell, whose Action Coach Profit Club I attend, encouraged us to talk to the man one on one and, well, clearly you don’t get to be a billionaire entrepreneur without learning a thing or two about selling! Or it might just be that infectious Aussie charm that makes party invites hard to refuse – even when they involve yours truly making four hour drives across the outback (but that’s another story!).

So dark and early we will be on our way – that is myself and fellow director and wife Diane Morgan. Also on our flight are Graham Chapple from Garden4You and his wife Karen, who is the dynamo behind both Irun (formerly Web Build Pro Newbury) and the invaluable local directory, The Best of Newbury.

With the seminar not starting until Thursday and Graham celebrating his birthday on Tuesday, we have a strong suspicion that this trip might not be all work.

However there will be plenty of work and hopefully some marvellous networking opportunities. Although delegates will be coming from around the world, there were also some 22 people who signed up at the Newbury event for either this seminar or the one in December.

So although more used to promoting our public relations in West Berkshire, who knows what we will achieve once in Nevada!

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