Monday, October 08, 2007

Supercool Brand in Newbury

Stepping into the newly redesigned store in Newbury is like passing through a portal into the future; yet among the stunning array of equipment on display are iconic designs from the past that any audio visual connoisseur will recognise. This is Bang & Olufsen.

With the new appearance and latest products also comes a new approach at the store, which is opposite Newbury’s historic Clocktower in The Broadway. Visitors are positively encouraged to try out the products to understand first hand their quality, performance and ease of use.

After spending mere moments in this store it is easy to comprehend why Bang & Olufsen was voted within the top five supercool brands in the world, up there with iconic names like Aston Martin.

I am also rather glad that for some odd reason I left my wallet behind today! There is some seriously sexy kit in this store and some serious prices - although the charming owner, Phil McMichael was at pains to explain: “Bang and Olufsen is not expensive when you start looking at it in terms of the design, build, components and the future proof nature of the products,” Phil explained. “They are aspirational products and our customers might buy a home cinema one year and come back the next for a music system and so on."

Morgan PR was visiting this emporium of iconic design to research a series of articles we have been commissioned to write.

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