Friday, October 19, 2007

Blue Man Group Live in Las Vegas

Not surprisingly day two had left our heads bulging only marginally less than our wallets will no doubt soon be, so it was nice to be heading out for a typical Vegas night (gambling excepted) namely dinner and a show.

Also in true Vegas style we were being ‘comped’ by Action Coach to say a generous sorry for a admin mistake. So we and Karen and Graham Chapple were invited to join Action Coach’s Marketing Director, Jodie Shaw and Brad Sugar’s Personal Assistant, Jane Moharich for the typical Vegas night out – dinner and a show!

Actually, it was a show then dinner. We went to see the fabled Blue Man Group, one of the resident shows at The Venetian, and it was bonkers. Total all enveloping madness that confounded, entertained and astounded in equal measure before the entire audience was swamped in acres of glorified toilet roll, that fed from the back of the theatre and we all played it forward until it ended in a mega heap at the foot of the stage.

Dinner was at Taqueria Canonita, the Mexican restaurant among The Venetian’s 20 or so eating venues. Good food and generously measured margaritas combined with some entertaining conversation.

It was fascinating to be given an insight into this globally successful company by two people so close to its founder. It was also interesting how much of the learning from the first two days of MasterClass filtered through into the conversation – Jane mentioned about a company offering holidays and multi-million dollar resorts around the globe – individual properties worth millions – that were available through membership of some illustrious club with an equally expensive buy in.

Well, with our newly installed ‘millionaire mindset’ (Cheers Brad!) we were working out how we could afford the actual properties, not membership of a club where you share them!

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