Thursday, October 18, 2007

Entrepreneurs of the World Unite

It Begins! Somewhere over 300 people from the UK, America, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa gathered together today in Las Vegas to hear Billionaire Brad Sugars deliver his Entrepreneur MasterClass.

Much of today was about instilling in us the mindset we need to have to become the successful entrepreneurs we all long to be. Delivered with near evangelical fervour at times it was powerful and motivating stuff.

Brad has that easy going charm that comes with being Australian – and no doubt being a billionaire helps too! But seriously, what he is proving very adept at is illustrating each point he makes with evidence from his own rise to riches – and not in an unhelpful ‘look at me’ kind of way that you might expect, he genuinely explains what he means, and checks back to ensure we’ve all understood his point.

The seminar is rattling along at a considerable pace – you get the feeling that a five day course has been squeezed into three days totally unabridged! Actually Brad keeps rounding on the audience as if they are not paying attention when they do not respond to his questions. The truth is we are all still furiously scribbling away trying to capture the point he just made!

There are real strategies here; real ways to develop not only our business but invest in other businesses too and on how to create real wealth. I mean real, inter-generational wealth that will have descendants born long after we’re dead talking about us as the origin of the family fortune.

It was little wonder that plans for a night out were abandoned for an early supper and an early night as we tried to digest the mountain of information we had been given.

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