Friday, October 19, 2007

The Action Coach Secrets Are Revealed

After the inspirational brain dump of yesterday, day two of the Entrepreneur’s MasterClass began on more familiar ground as Brad Sugars imparted many familiar strategies and a few new ones that he and his team of Action Coach business gurus teach clients the world over.

Or as Brad put it: 'You can't have a business that works without you as the owner until you first have a business that works, and prior to that, it's got to be both commercial and profitable'.

So it was a crash course in the ‘six steps’ that I already know from Profit Club and Action Coach’s 90 Day Planning Seminar. These are the stages that any truly successful business must achieve.

Those six steps are:

  1. Mastery

  2. Niche

  3. Leverage

  4. Team

  5. Synergy

  6. Results

Now whilst I have learned this points before there was something truly exceptional about hearing them explained by their author; it breathed a powerful energy into the concept that once again had ideas sparking in my head so fast it hurt!

Brad quickly assumed we would all soon have sparkling examples of such businesses – in fact it was clear some disciples in the room were already there! This allowed him to move on to the dizzy heights of buying, building and selling other businesses – how about that for a paradigm shift? It is not just about building our existing business; it is about taking it to the next level.

Much of the afternoon was spent exploring the franchise model; after all if you can build one successful business model, what would happen if that could be duplicated elsewhere. Think of the passive income that would come from other companies following your lead?

I’m not about to reveal Brad’s secrets here in this blog – you can buy his books and DVDs or even shout for the next Entrepreneur’s MasterClass if you want to know what I know now! Anyway, to reveal it here would be akin to revealing a recipe for homemade explosives. It would be wrong and although you might be curious you would wisely not try it. If you did you would probably end up hurting yourselves and possibly others!

You could always join the local Profit Club! I cannot wait to get back to the Profit Club I attend in Faringdon with my own Action Coach guru Sally Rainbow-Ockwell to start putting this stuff into reality – I already feel like I am practising much of it – this time it will be for real!

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