Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Discussing the Finer Points of Beauty Treatment

Working with people you like should be a guarantee rather than a bonus in business; wouldn't we all be that much happier? Today I was left in particularly good spirits as work and friendship embraced in a delightful synergy!

Morgan PR was back with Naseby Needles after far too longer absence to discover what acupuncturist Julia Stanbrook has been up to recently.

She has added some new beauty treatments to her repertoire including 'Gua Sha', essentially a non invasive version of her trademark Face Revitalisation Therapy. Both are genuine alternatives to the toxic injections better known as Botox.

For many, acupuncture is better known for its effective treatment of a host of ailments from headaches and migraines to skin conditions such as acne, excema, psoriasis and rosacea; however the approaching autumn and winter months will bring an increasing number of clients to see Julia for ailments peculiar to the season.

Or as Julia eloquently puts it: “There are ailments acupuncture helps throughout the year, but autumn and winter bring their own demands. I help a lot with conditions exacerbated by the cold and of course pain relief following slips and falls in icy conditions.

“Depression is something acupuncture can help with and while I see clients throughout the year, for some the dark winter months do make it worse, but the stresses of the season can also take their toll.

“Equally, your immune system can take a real battering with everyone coughing and sneezing around you as they seem to do the moment the clocks go back; however acupuncture can give your immune system that boost it needs. With your immune system at its best you are much less likely to concede defeat to cold or flu.

“Acupuncture is not just about preventing those unwanted bugs, it can also help those that you’ve picked up over the summer, perhaps after a long flight, and that you just cannot shake off. In the same way that boosting your immune system can fight off infection, it can also combat existing conditions too.”

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