Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Hampstead Norreys Business Group

It is tempting to think that only bustling towns can support a thriving business group, or indeed many such groups as there are in Newbury, however Morgan PR was invited to the Hampstead Norreys Business Group last night to deliver our 'How to Write a Killer Press Release' presentation.

While the unseasonably splendid barbecue weather might have kept one or two professionals from attending, there was still an encouraging turnout and the presentation prompted some thoughtful questions which continued during the networking afterwards.

For instance it was a delight to meet Sunny from Going the Whole Way, a passionate nutritionist who does not preach and offers a free week's trial for anyone interested in seeking her help to improve your life.

It was great to meet so many business professionals from a village community that we might not have met but for the invite to the group and we would have been poorer for it.

The group is always seeking new members and draws in business people from across the villages north of Newbury.

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