Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Playing to Your Strengths

Morgan PR went along to the FSB networking lunch at The Angel in Woolhampton today.

Sue Stockdale of Mission Possible spoke to us about making sure we are utilising our strengths in our work, after first identifying what those strengths are. She gave an interesting and lively talk and left us all with much to think about.

Another of the attendees today was Sally Furnell, fitness consultant. Unlike the majority of fitness consultants, Sally focusses in on rehabilitation for those who have had a stroke or heart attack. This area of work is obviously one which Sally is passionate about and she is a real example of someone using her strengths and being guided by what matters to her in her life.

Sue defines strengths as Talents+ Knowledge + Skills. These can be identified by taking a "bird's eye view" of yourself and spotting what you do well. If you think about yourself in your business, how well are you playing to your strengths and what gaps could be filled to help you spend more time on what you do best?

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