Thursday, June 19, 2008

Do you need therapy?

Morgan PR was at NRG in Bristol today and attended a seminar by Grant Leboff on sales strategy for small businesses. Grant has a book out entitled "Sales Therapy" and, for more information, a link to his site is here.

He raised many interesting points in his seminar (which incidentally and remarkably, he conducted without a single note card or powerpoint presentation!). He covered the change in the way that we now buy, away from limited local choice to unlimited choices and globalisation. Web and word of mouth are now the most influential factors in a sales decision (good news for any PR companies out there!).

Selling benefits no longer works with many consumers and we need to concentrate on buyer motivation; what is the problem or issue that they need solving?

We were encouraged to think about our emotional selling proposition and how we meet the customers personal, professional and practical requirements with our products. Interesting and thought provoking stuff, that changed the "one minute" introductions of most of the attendees, seconds before we entered the main meeting!

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Graham Jones said...

I remember speaking on the same platform as Grant at an event a couple of years back. I didn't know him at the time but was impressed by his clarity of thought and his approach.

He is right that the web is supremely influential in our purchasing decisions. However, with social networking taking a greater hold, it really is now just an extension of word of mouth.

So even more work for PR companies...!