Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vehicle recycling in West Berkshire

As part of the work Morgan PR carries out for the Newbury Weekly News, and more specifically Newbury Business Today, we have been writing up features on environmental companies across West Berkshire and beyond over recent weeks.

Earlier today I was at Padworth Vehicle Recycling and discovered just how outdated the concept of the 'scrapman' actually is, with this forward looking company fully licensed to dispose of 'end of life' vehicles and managing to recycle 85% of each car brought to them.

So forget the image of a scrap car dealer with rusting wrecks piled high and a yapping junkyard dog snapping at your heels; PVR are the far greener, cleaner 21st Century equivalent doing its bit to ensure there is a 22nd Century.

The location is strikingly different for a start. Not tucked away in some urban side street and upsetting the neighbours, PVR is in leafy Padworth, surrounded by trees as green as the principles guiding the company.

You will be able to read the feature when it is published on July 3.

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