Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to choose a photographer for your public relations

The latest edition of Creating Reputations, the Morgan PR Newsletter is out today and already analytics are showing it is proving popular as ever - not least our latest free download: 'How to choose a photographer for your public relations and marketing'.

If you are a subscriber of Creating Reputations you will already have the link, alternatively take a look at our Free Resources, where you will not only find 'How to choose a photographer' but also our other free downloads!

We were prompted to write about choosing a photographer after having such a fabulous time working with the very talented Neale James when pulling together a portfolio for this site and our other marketing collateral

This month's newsletter also takes a look at Squidoo and looks at our two lenses on the popular website - namely The Seven Deadly PR Sins and The Joy of Six - How to Ensure Press Release Satisfaction. The more observant of you might be saying "Hey - aren't they available on your Free Resources?" Yes, and they have also been blogged about and Twittered about - the point is ensuring they reach as wider audience as possible!

We aim to give our readers help and advice on all things public relations by publishing the monthly newsletter. It also offers Morgan PR terrific Search Engine Optimisation by adding sparkling and fresh relevant copy to our website - be sure to subscribe today!

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