Friday, October 27, 2006

Another WBBC Blogger Joins the Fray!

Days later and the advice of Internet Psychologist Graham Jones is being heeded by those who heard him at the West Berkshire Business Club on Wednesday - and lo, another blog has been born!

Four Four Time is the company founded by Jill & Tony Spiers to launch their excellent timer application, and it is worth a moment of any busy person's time if they value that time. And Tony's Blog is from the same talented team, and the latest WBBC blog to emerge in cyberspace.

Tony is as talented a writer as he is a programmer and his sense of endearing fun is thankfully not lost in the translation from speech to blog (and nor is my appreciation for his kind words about me in that very first blog!).

So if you are visiting here, take the time to visit there and be sure to leave comments too!

1 comment:

tonyfourfourtime said...

We really appreciate Nigel's comments on Four Four Time.

Having used Nigel's unique talents in the past I cannot recommend strongly enough that if you need any form of PR work (don't we all)get in touch with Nigel - you'll be suprised how he can help.