Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ghost Writers Are the Norm

Or at least they can if you get found out! (And apologies to The Doors for a poor play on 'Rider on the Storm')

Karen from The Best of Newbury has posted a comment suggesting that I should write other WBBC members blogs for them, generously being impressed at my novice blogging efforts.

The truth is that I have ghost written entries for blogs in the past and much as I once sold websites before I had my own, I've written for blogs prior to the creation of this one. Contact me if you do need any help or advice and be assured of complete confidentiality. Nobody can prove ghosts exist and you shouldn't help them!

I suspect that it may be a skill that does come into greater demand if the predictions of Internet Psychologist Graham Jones come to fruition. I appreciate his praise most sincerely. So much so I have been to visit his blog and have posted a comment on his entry, which you can find here.

Whatever we do we should support the blogs from fellow members, so if you have yet to post a comment at Karen's blog do so! Likewise Ivan's blog deserves our attention.


Graham Jones said...

It's worthwhile remembering that some of the most famous "gurus" and experts in the world do not write their own material. They employ ghost writers to produce books, articles, blogs and so on. I have a book on how you can work with someone like Nigel - how to brief him to get what you really need, what information he needs from you, and so on. It's at

Nigel Morgan - Morgan PR said...

Hey, thanks Graham!

Not sure about ghosts, but we have phantom visitors to these blogs! I have been contacted about the content by secretive souls who favour email and telephone to parading their comments here!

Then again, if you are planning to ask yours truly to scribe for you, best not to broadcast on the blog!

Many moons ago, before web blog had been devolved into 'blog' I worked for a terrific guy as a press officer. Our rapport quickly evolved into a situation where I was free give quotes to the media attributed to him, crafted by me in isolation.

It is an extreme example, but a ghost writer does much the same thing, in that capacity I strive to understand how you would express a point - and then express it on your behalf, as you!

Not sure if Graham's book specifically points to me, but I'm curious to find out how you should brief me!