Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Morning After...

At last! Morgan PR has a blog!

Perhaps without the noctural keyboard tapping suggested by Internet Psychologist Graham Jones at his entertaining and oh so informative talk at last night West Berkshire Business Club meeting. I still pay nightly homage to that old fashioned activity called sleep, so it was only this morning I got around to exploring the intuitive It is so simple to be almost unnerving.

The meeting was entertaining all around. From the top tips turned testimonials - thank you to the very real Virtual Office Secretary Sarah Rhoads for being so lovely about my skills - through to chairman Steve Mills excellent talk on the newsletter service offered by Business in Berkshire, which is where he hosts his own newsletter for Max Marketing which frankly sounds like a superhero!

Most fellow members of the WBBC will know that one of Morgan PR's main clients is the Newbury Weekly News and its month business publication, the Newbury Business News. However only a few of you ever contact me to tell me about the exciting deals you are striking, awards you are involved in - or blogs you are launching. The words tricks and missing spring to mind! I always say people should call me with their stories and ideas. The worst I can do is say no... Well, actually the worst I can do it laugh like a drunken hyeana and then splutter no. But you get the idea.

Of course, some people retain my PR services and they will discover that I badger them, never laugh like a hyena, and will identify the opportunities for publicity that their everyday activities almost always generate. Monthly fees start at just £75!

Incidentally, I said this was Morgan PR's first blog, technically yes... We will not talk about the ghost writing entries for companies who want a professional journalist scribing for them until a later post, and that is if you ask nicely!

What would you like to hear about? the mystery shopping perhaps?

Well here goes - about to actually post!


Robin Winnett said...

Excellent Nigel - you put us all to shame!

AND the good thing is, to have to sign up to reply.

I guess I may even have to write my own blog soon - gulp!


Karen said...


I think we're going to have to ask you to write all our blogs from now on..... or does that defeat the object??

Graham Jones said...

An excellent example of a first blog. You're providing a great example for others to follow.

ICT Solutions said...

What a great start to blogging Nigel, I see you have gone that extra stage and started writing the 4 per day. Excellent.


Kevin Rhoads said...

Well I cannot dream to be as elequent or articulated as Mr Morgan, but I am now blogging and looking forward to the journey which starts with this one small step.

Well done Nigel, I will be available as a guru (as I have the manual) or until you have purchased the manual from Graham.

Its great.