Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bunking Off Work

I made the short journey out of Newbury today to the delightful environs of The Bunk Inn at Curridge and was welcomed with the requisite warmth and charm that are the hosts Mickey Liquorish and his partner Ali Wright.

No excuse is needed for such a visit, but mine was the Food & Drink feature in the forthcoming edition of the Newbury Business News. They wanted to feature the improvements to the garden, so what better way than kicking back in the Mediterranean patio, replete with new water feature and very comfortable wooden furniture.

Oddly enough this job took a bit longer, not least as we had to persuade lunchtime visitors to take part in some photographs, which they did with aplomb!

I shall be popping back to the Bunk later in the week to capture another addition to the summer attractions when Mickey puts the finishing touches to his petanque pitch.

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