Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Can Do Day!

Travelling around the Thames Valley writing about businesses means I meet a lot of people who tell you what they have to offer, but writing PR means that all too often I recognise this does not necessarily translate to the ‘can do’ attitude that gets things done.

Today I met a guy who I have no doubt gets things done – and if he cannot will do them himself – Billy Little is the branch manager of the Pertempts recruitment agency that specialises in finding drivers, warehouse and industrial staff.

A plain speaking Scot, he knew his stuff, had clear policies on the necessary employment of legal immigrants, especially when it came to combating the shortage of HGV drivers in the wake of the working time directive. Not least because when push comes to shove then man is qualified to drive the HGVs himself and will do so if all else fails. Now that’s can do!

Pictured below: The Pertempts team outside its Reading office.

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