Thursday, April 05, 2007

Massage in a Bottle

Regular readers will recall that I have been writing and photographing therapy centres for a forthcoming feature on healthy living in the Newbury Business News; well with my work on that publication done and dusted it seemed only fair I indugle myself!

So, amid the myriad of treatments I had witnesses I turned to my good friend and very talented massage therapist Anthea Forde - pictured here from an earlier feature - to untangle the knots that tapping on a keyboard had created in my shoulders.

I first met Anthea back in 2001 when a clever soul suggested aromtherapy massage might help slow me down as I sprinted up Mount Stressful. They were right and while I might not be stressed out about anything more treacherous than the paperboy leaving the newspaper hanging out of the letterbox, I still benefit from her teasing my muscles into their rightful locations.

Of course, the simple fact I am not actually writing about this treatment - except for here, now! - makes it all the more relaxing in the first place! Of course, the purpose built surroundings of the therapy centre at Deanwood Park helped too!

Visit the link above or telephone 01635 32223 if you would like to book a treatment or visit Anthea's own website to find the best location for you.

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