Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pinching the limelight at 90 Day Workshop

Today was spent working on my business rather than in it, with another productive 90 Day Planning Workshop at Newbury Racecourse with the business gurus from Action Coach.

These are the quarterly events that help develop your business – each for… the next 90 days. You get to focus on how you are driving your business forward free of the day to day distractions.

It is also a terrific networking opportunity and puts delegates alongside like minded business owners and is ripe for referrals. Indeed there are several leads I am following up and even a firm handshake too.

I do not think my vocal contributions did me any harm. To begin with there was the familiarisation exercise; on arrival we had been given a laminated card with a hand gesture upon it – mine was fingers ‘pinching’.

So when we were told to find fellow delegates with card showing our own gesture I leapt to my feet held my card aloft and bellowed: ‘pinching’! ‘PINCHING!’ and in next to no time I had identified myself as assertive and gathered my clan!

Later I took to the microphone to celebrate some of Morgan PR’s magnificent wins over the last 90 days and managed to slip in the price of my entry level PR package – it brought applause and enquiries in equal measure!

However, for me the biggest win of the day was during a workshop on developing your vision, values and purpose, for businesses with these nailed achieve so much more than those who do not.

Playing around with different ideas it was Roger Hick of RhD Design who helped me after explaining how I’d helped his business by coming up with PR ideas – he said we were all about ‘creating his reputation’ – and there you have it: Morgan PR – we create reputations.

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