Tuesday, September 02, 2008

All that glitters... will adverts tarnish Google Chrome?

Well call me a sceptical potential early adopter and you will understand why I was curious to try out Google Chrome, the ubiquitous search engine's alternative to Internet Explorer - or for me Mozilla's Firefox browser.

Tabs - which are now included on Internet Explorer were what first made me a fan of Firefox and for public relations company founder who often reviews multiple news pages these were heaven sent. Then there were the myriad of extensions which mean that adverts are largely stripped from my viewing through to being able to grab text for blogging and lots more.

So trying Google Chrome was prompting curiousity and having had a play I am delighted to say how fast, intuitive and good looking it is. It is certainly faster than Firefox and leaves Explorer still looking for the door when running Java-based elements of web pages.

However, it is that advert blocking that will deter many from Google Chrome I suspect - after all Google makes its money - and plenty of it - from advertising so I cannot see them allowing Chrome users to block their route to the bank.

Thankfully Google Chrome were gracious enough not to insist on being my default browser upon installation... because for the timebeing they are not going to be either!

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