Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting on the telly: Morgan PR helps Verbatim, the phone answering service appear on Thames Valley Tonight

Morgan PR works closely with clients to help identify what they want public relations to achieve for their business and sometimes this can involve television exposure - this was certainly the case when Verbatim, the phone answering service came up with a brilliant idea to help one of their employees who is about to go on maternity leave - and this tempted the TV cameras.

Donna Cox is one of the team who answers the telephones at Verbatim, which can take overflow calls through to providing a full call handling service for its clients - which includes Morgan PR! She is expecting her second baby in a few weeks time and is just about to go on maternity leave safe in the knowledge she will be under less pressure than many pregnant women.

Above: Donna Cox is interviewed by ITV Thames Valley reporter Kate Cooney

Founder and director Graham Hill takes up the story: “Using the same service we provide to clients we are able to put Donna and her immediate family in control of the phone, and when they speak to people. They can turn the phone off to enjoy some peace and quiet, to spend some quality time with the new baby or even to get some vital sleep all without being disturbed.

“All of her callers would get to speak to the Verbatim team who could update on any progress and take all of the messages of congratulations and well wishes, then send them through to Donna.

“Our VIP list is normally used so we recognise our clients’ regular and important callers, however by getting Donna to input everyone she wants to know about her happy event, she can make one call to us and we can send a text message to everyone to let them know. We are also providing a 0845 telephone number so we can take messages and pass them on without callers disturbing Donna and her baby.”

From a PR point of view this is a lovely story and one that we were able to tempt ITV Thames Valley into covering a much of today was spent filming with them at Verbatim's offices on New Greenham Park, south of Newbury.

Above: Verbatim founder and director Graham Hill is interviewed.

We will need to wait until tomorrow night to discover how many seconds more than three hours of filming will result in, but this exposure will be the start of wider PR campaign.

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