Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Strategic alliances and speed dating

The Pig & Paper in Newbury was the location for a meeting with good friend and strategic partner Mia Drennan from Square Mile Connections earlier this evening. It was also the location for a speed dating event which led to a very entertaining conversation with the barmaid who misunderstood my arrival!

We meet up regularly to discuss business opportunities and Morgan PR has provided PR for Square Mile. The current challenge is convincing people who believe the world is doomed in the current economic climate that someone with Mia's expertise can help with their recruitment strategy - whatever it looks like. Her business experience makes her a formidable resource for any company looking at hiring or firing, whether they are affected by the slowdown or not.

Incidentally, the pub was apparently unwittingly named after a colloquial term for Thursdays in the town - dating from when the market was held and the Newbury Weekly News published on that day.

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