Friday, October 17, 2008

New Chairman for West Berkshire's foremost networkers - Newbury Business Group

We've blogged about West Berkshire's foremost networking group many times in the past; Newbury Business Group is the antidote to the bureaucratic money-making nonsense that typifies many such organisations

At the group’s weekly meeting earlier today the outgoing chairman, Mark Arrowsmith of Snappy Snaps, handed the reins to yours truly.

When I first joined Newbury Business Group a little over a year ago I was so impressed at its dynamic nature and real commitment to benefiting its members; it is totally independent and not stuffed to the gills with ridiculous rules and ulterior motives.

Too many networking groups are little more than money making venture for their founders and you only have to look at the member turnover in these groups and contrast that with the typical length of membership at Newbury Business Group to spot how much our group is valued.

There is some terrific collaborative work that goes on within the group and members bring one another high calibre referrals that will lead to significant business – although there is no compulsion to bring referrals, our members give them because they want to.

It is also a really great way to start the last day of the week and we bounce out after breakfast ready to do business and each week a different member offers a 10 minute master class focused on their area of expertise that always inspire.

We meet 7.30 every Friday morning at Donnington Valley Golf Club and guests are welcome to join us and enjoy a free cooked breakfast. We encourage prospective members to visit two or three times to decide if they want to join Newbury Business Group. It costs £100 to join the group and then £100 per quarter, which pays for everyone’s breakfast – members and their guests – and the annual Christmas party too.

Why not give Newbury Business Group a try?


mark said...

Good luck Nigel - you'll need it with us lot to look after! - as outgoing chair it is now my role to make your job as interesting as possible! For anyone out there looking to grow their business through networking look no further. The Newbury Business Group does exactly what it says on the tin - we do the business!

Nigel Morgan - Morgan PR said...

The only luck I'll need is to be sure of a witty riposte against the former chair whose gloves are now off!

Seriously though, Mark was a top chair and a tough act to follow!

karen.chapple said...

Sorry I missed the meeting Nige, but good luck with the Chairman role for the Newbury Business Group you'll do a great job I'm sure

chris said...

The group is great and we've grown our business by 300% since joining 18 months ago.

Mark has done a great job and now with Nigel running things, I am sure the group will go from strength to strength.

Tony Quinn said...

Nice one. Fun meeting and of course Mark's sticking around so DOUBLE WHAMMY! You'd have to be mad not to visit this group and see what you've been missing!

And we don't charge visitor's for breakfast like the rest!

Marianna said...

Congratulations, Nigel!

Sounds like a fun group to join. Planning on starting a chapter "across the pond"?

I have to agree with your comment that the best referrals are ones that come from the heart!

Nigel Morgan - Morgan PR said...

Hi Marianna,

A transatlantic chapter of the Newbury Business Group? That sounds like a fun idea!

I think the commute for breakfast could be a bit of a killer!

You'd always be welcome to join us if ever you find yourself in the UK - and we already have a Canadian member you know!