Tuesday, October 07, 2008

They're making a list... at Tiger Tiger

They’re making a list, checking it twice and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, the excitement among Tiger Tiger customers is palpable – Christmas is coming to this fabulous emporium of delights.

This truly is a most wonderful time of year at Tiger Tiger. Magical at any time of the year and bursting with an eclectic array of gifts and statement pieces, this store is at its busiest at Christmas and not least because of those lists - the wish lists the store offers that make shopping for loved one's a breeze!

So begins Morgan PR's forthcoming feature on Tiger Tiger, the lifestyle and gift store that attracts droves of shoppers to its two branches in Newbury and Marlborough.

We've been regularly writing about Tiger Tiger and the store's founder, Allison Brook, for quite a few years now and earlier today we were at the Marlborough store and met with Allison and her colleague Tracey Avery - together they hunt down the myriad of gifts that have that essential 'Tiger Tiger-ness' that bring loyal customers back to the store time and again, while constantly bringing in new customers too.

When the attitude of so many retailers we meet is doom and gloom Tiger Tiger is bucking the trend and I cannot help but ask which came first - the chicken of positive thinking or the sales egg of success?

Incidentally, the long awaited Tiger Tiger website is due to go live and is already accepting registrations for people interested in shopping online with this fab store.

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