Friday, February 06, 2009

Twitter means business - Morgan PR among the Twitter Elite in West Berkshire

Morgan PR Twitters - indeed you can find me on Twitter here - and we have been discovering for a little while that it is an effective tool for driving traffic here to this blog, but also to our website, for encouraging people to sign up for our newsletter and keeping our associates updated on our activities.

I guess we could be modestly impressed at being 157,508 out of almost two million Twitters busy enough to be assessed by Twitter Grader, a self congratulatory tool for those busy enough on the micro-blogging site to get noticed.

More interestingly, it checks out where you stand geographically, and we were somewhat amazed to discover we are within the Top 10 Twitter Elite in West Berkshire! Actually at number nine! We kid you not - and here is the really important part - every single Twitterer who makes into the top 21 locally is in business. No bored teenagers talking about the most amazing snowflake they have just seen - well, no teenagers! But definite evidence this is a business tool.

Honestly, it is a surprise that our modest efforts on Twitter warrant such recognition. If you want to be really impressed check out Graham Jones on Twitter, he is the Internet Psychologist and racks up a whopping 97.8%.

What it does reveal is that Twitter is still open to relatively early adopters who are prepared to invest the time and effort to make this service a key part of their marketing strategy; it takes committment and time too, but like LinkedIn, if you make the investment it will work.

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