Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blackboard Bungle

The erstwhile restaurateur Richard Hayman has been keeping diners entertained at The Madagascan Gin Palace for over 12 years, and in the fickle world of restaurants that is practically a world record achieved through a great atmosphere and some eclectic world cuisine.

However, Morgan PR was at the MGP this morning to watch Richard Hayman serve himself up a hefty slice of humble pie...

You see the the ever charming host made a big mistake earlier this year when he removed the trademark blackboard menus in favour of a more traditional and refinded menu brought to each table. The regulars did not like it and scarcely a service went by with Richard being scolded for removing the boards.

Fortunately Richard is not an Ostrich, prone to sticking his head in the sand. Ostriches are for the menu at the Gin Palace and Richard is all for admitting when he was wrong.

And where better to make such an admission than on the blackboards... a la Bart Simpson style he carefully wrote "I was wrong, the customers are right" on the freshly reinstalled blackboards.

Hence the photograph at the top of the page.

Incidentally, I am grateful to Richard for his hospitality this morning. When he heard I had a couple of appointments in town this morning he offered me the Gin Palace as the perfect venue, although I must confess to feeling rather mafia don-like as people were led upstairs to meet me!

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