Monday, September 24, 2007

They Say the Best Things in Life are Free...

...however, companies cannot survive on stagnating cashflows with that problematic matter of salaries, not to mention if they want to expand or invest in new equipment...

Forgive me, Morgan PR was coaxed into a charming insight into everything from factoring to invoice discounting and a myriad of other ways that companies can avoid those cashflow blues, courtesy of Helen Mackenzie from Capital Corporate Finance.

The company is one featuring in the forthcoming edition of the Newbury Business News, out on October 11, and Morgan PR was interviewing Helen for Capital Corporate Finance's profile.

One of three directors Helen has been with the company for 11-years and has seen firsthand how the marketplace has changed. She explained: “When I started out there were effectively only a few funders coming to the market, as few as four or five; now there are some 75 funders out there and they all have something different to offer.

“It used to be a simple case of factoring of invoice discounting, but the marketplace is more sophisticated now and it can be confusing for a company in need of help to know where to look.

“Our typical clients are SME with a turnover of anything from £2 million to £20 million and we place about 100 deals a year in the marketplace and those will relate to a total turnover in excess of £80 million. It makes us a significant player and that in itself helps us find the better deals.”

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