Friday, September 07, 2007

Morgan PR Joins the Newbury Business Group

It is official - Morgan PR has finally joined a breakfast group! We are now rather puffed up and proud members of the Newbury Business Group, which meets on Friday mornings at the Donnington Valley Golf Club in Newbury.

My charming wife, Diane Morgan, is a fellow director of Morgan PR and spends a day a week with the company - mostly Fridays and that means she can do the school run and I can make the most of one of the foremost networking opportunities in West Berkshire - not to mention enjoy breakfast with a great bunch of people.

We had a good 10-minute slot from Chris Turberville-Tully, from copywriters Inspiration Ink, where he talked about the perils of try to feature on Google for the uninitiated. Chris clearly knows his stuff and chatting to him before the meeting I can see how the opportunity for us to work together is destined to arise soon.

Another member is Karen Holmes from Web Build Pro my partner in crime in so many ventures, who maintains the Newbury Business Group website and is just so darn efficient that Morgan PR is already on there!

I have subbed or guested at pretty much all the networking events on offer locally and this group has always been my favourite; they manage to combine a sense of fun with the real business purpose and perhaps most of all, I love the warm welcome they give visitors.

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