Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Morgan PR Photography Website Launched

More astute readers will have worked out that Morgan PR has a core offering of PR - Public Relations - and with this comes the myriad of ways to market for a company seeking to raise its profile and increase sales. From websites to mystery shopping.

Naturally part of that involves photography and indeed most days will involve us taking photographs of a client or for a newspaper such as the Newbury Business News. As the 'artist' in copyright law parlance, we own the rights to the photos and do indeed sell both prints and also the reproduction rights to many of our images.

However, there was no formal procedure for this... hence the launch of Morgan PR Photography, a website dedicate to publishing the photographs we take and providing the opportunity for people to order prints and to potentially buy the reproduction right, effectively transferring the copyright.

Gradually we hope to upload a full archive of images and will be contacting those featured to give them the link to view their photographs. Incidentally, the way we will be listing the images means they will help Google recognise these companies!

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