Saturday, September 01, 2007

Does Exactly What is Says on the Cake Tin

I have written about Anne Thomson and her successful Advanced Hypnotherapy practice, Mindset Hypnotherapy many times on this blog and elsewhere, and similarly I have talked about her online business Diets Make You Fat, which kinda does what it says on the cake tin.

I am always thrilled to interview people who have benefitted from either of the services Anne offers and I am delighted to find so many people whose lives have been so transformed that they will happily put their names to such testimonials. With Anne there is none of that dubious 'J from Thatcham' nonsense that everyone suspects that you see on some adverts.

So in writing a piece for a forthcoming magazine I was delighted to find such an enthusiastic review online; Praise for Anne’s CD course comes from Lisa Clark on the – ‘the website dedicated to making people feel good.’

Lisa writes:

“Shall I tell you what I like already? The programme doesn’t try to patronise me. It doesn’t tell you to eat healthily, to cut out processed foods or to take more exercise, because if you, like me, have tried to lose weight before, chances are you know all those things anyway, right?

“This is a step-by-step process to change the way your mind works, forever, which is why, when Anne told me to dump the scales, well, I didn’t need telling twice, this may prove difficult in updating you in actual weight-loss stats, but then that isn’t what the programme is about.

“Instead, I’ll let you know how practical this programme actually is when faced with eating out and being tempted to order the biggest dessert on the menu, or when you want to reach for the biscuit tin for comfort. Will I really be able to control my eating forever? Can re-programming my mind really help me to lose weight?

“So far, so good."
You can read Lisa's full review here and no doubt keep track of her progress.

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