Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Atkins and Potts, a local delicacy

Readers who are passionate about the finer tasting foods in life will already be familiar with the Atkins and Potts brand, not to mention the mouth-watering taste of their marvellous condiments, speciality sauces and so much more - but did you know the company is in Ball Hill, near Newbury?

It is tempting to enjoy the product and be ignorant of its origins, but we can relish the presence of this family run business on our doorstep in north Hampshire.

Recently a friend visited and proudly unveiled a delicious chocolate spread she had uncovered at a gourmet shop in London and was stunned to know it had been created just a few miles away.

Morgan PR first encountered Atkins and Potts a couple of years ago, but they have grown tremendously since then, soaring from 20 customers in the UK to more than 750 both here and abroad.

It was a real treat to be back there today and to discover how successful they have become and what a bright future they have. Soon you will be able to buy their foods online.

'Where can you buy their products now?' I hear you cry. For a start Thames Valley Meats, just across the courtyard from Atkins and Potts in Ball Hill, offers a selection. So does Dunbar’s Delicatessen and Highclose Farm Shop in Hungerford, Church Street Fisheries in Kintbury, NJ Richards Butchers in Lambourn while in Newbury products are sold at JusBar, Griffins Butchers, Nature’s Corner and Budgens; and the list of suppliers is growing all the time.

If you have tried their products we would love to hear your views! Why not add a comment?

Pictured below are managing director Lindsay Atkins with her son and fellow director Adrian Atkins in the company's development kitchen.

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