Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Miracle of Planning

How many days are wasted waiting for those deliveries that never come? So you will understand my skepticism after boldly attempting to have a plethora of workman and parcels all at home on the same day...

I mean, I was confident that Graham Chapple and the team from Garden4You would be on time for the erection of a new front fence (and my near legendary bacon butties have nothing to do with this!) and also that Cablewise, fellow clients of Action Coach Sally Rainbow-Ockwell would also turn up to install some new telephony.

However, so too did Ikea and several couriers, to the extent that everything was done and dusted within three hours!

Luck? Judgment?Or did fortune favour the brave effort by me to plan?

It was been suggested that it was a forgone conclusion as I applied the same project management techniques Morgan PR uses do to deliver some of the larger projects we handle - which is probably true, but less fun than thinking I beat the fickle hand of fate!

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