Friday, January 04, 2008

facebook and the Art of Social Notworking

Morgan PR was back at Netteam Consultants earlier today to learn more about the company's work helping companies combat the evils of social networking - or social not-working as I so wish I'd dubbed it!
There are some startling figures bandied around about how many hours are lost to employees who would rather surf than work and understandably facebook is its worst with its myriad of bizarre applications that allow for everything from biting your online friends like a vampire through to sending them virtual fish for a virtual aquarium. Bytes go back and forth and work suffers.
We've written about Netteam before and it was good to catch up but with millions logged on to facebook there was no time to waste!

Technical Director, Christian Barnett, explained: “A recent survey showed that workers spending too much time on social networking sites, such as facebook, are costing employers a staggering £130 million a day. And the problem looks set to become much worse if businesses do not act – and fast. That survey showed facebook growing at 125% year on year and already that figure is likely to be higher than that.

“The survey found that some 233 million hours are lost every month to employees surfing the net, with social networking causing the greatest concern. It is a fact that these websites are very addictive and can often result in users remaining on sites for hours rather than minutes, or even remaining continuously logged on."

However, lost time was only part of the problem. He added: “There are actually bigger implications than simply the lost time wasted online; employees can be downloading music or movies from illegal sites to your servers, pornography and of course malicious programmes that are going to damage your system.

“While the majority of businesses appreciate the need to scan incoming emails for viruses and malware, but in reality the same threats can enter your system through a website and currently an estimated 20% of such attacks come from websites and that figure is certain to grow."

Netteam can help businesses deal with the problem through its partnership with Opal and provision of the WebController and MailController software and you can discover more in the forthcoming edition of the Newbury Business News on 17th January.

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