Thursday, January 03, 2008

Slow Motion Adverts Might Work on Sky+

For those of us invested in the online world - and I do not mean 'Second Life' or 'World of Warcraft' - there is an interesting report out from media buyers Group M this week that I have just read about at The Guardian website.

In a nutshell it predicts that the UK will be the first economy to see advertising spend online exceed the huge amounts spent on television promotion.

This says as much about the strength of the web as it does about the way people view television and how ever more people are spuring adverts when they watch TV; either through downloads or as many with Sky+ do by simply sprinting forward through any pesky ads that show up.

Some years ago I suggested to an advertising friend in London that someone should create a slow motion silent advert that would run at normal speed when whizzed through on Sky. Pick a less popular but demographically appropriate channel for cost effectiveness and see what happens? I for one would have my curiousity piqued if an advert suddenly appeared normal when I was trying to fast forward through it!

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