Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chris & Nige's Big Wine Free Adventure

It is not everyday you get to travel in what is without doubt the world's most filmed Jaguar XJS; however today was such a day! The XJS pictured above was truly the one driven by James May and Oz Clarke in Oz and James Big Wine Adventure where they toured France with wine expert Oz teaching the beer loving Top Gear presenter James how to love the grape.

Well the car used in the television programme was sourced, restored and prepared for the TV series by Classic Jaguar specialists, Knowles-Wilkins Engineering Ltd – at its Greenham Common base near Newbury.

Chris Knowles from KWE explained: “This is the most filmed Jaguar XJS in the world. Featuring in six episodes, James and Oz drove over 1000 miles through France’s finest wine regions. James selected this V12 convertible car as the best way of travelling long distances in comfort.

“He visited KWE several times to mastermind the building of his car, and had his carpenter fit two custom-made wine racks in the boot! At the time, James was a confirmed ale drinker but the BBC tour has lured him now into the arms of the vineyard.

“The car is featured prominently throughout the popular series, which is currently showing again on satellite channel ‘Dave’, and is pictured on the back of the book (pictured right) published about the programme. We even have one of the plastic bottles of wine which was pictured stood on the boot – although to be honest it isn’t particularly nice!

“We bought the car back after filming and thoroughly rebuilt it for its current owner, Garth Cooper, an engineering firm’s Managing Director. He is now emigrating to New Zealand and KWE are offering the car for sale on his behalf via our website.”

Well Morgan PR met Chris, his lovely wife Theresa and the famous XJS last month when we wrote about KWE for Newbury Business Today and we recognised that there was a news story there too and a swift press release later we had the story appearing locally. So began another beautiful pairing of a successful company with the leading public relations agency in the Thames Valley.

We were back meeting with KWE today and Chris offered take me for a spin in the James May Jaguar, bringing me from Greenham Common to Hungerford in breathtakingly quick time... ah the perks of PR!

The car is up for sale on the KWE website if anyone is interested in owning a piece of TV memorabilia that offers more than a little fun! Speaking of fun here are the erstwhile occupants of the said same XJS pictured sat on the bonnet somewhere in France!

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