Monday, August 11, 2008

Helping a photographer to focus on PR and marketing

At Morgan PR we are lucky to be surrounded by talented associates who add terrific value to what we deliver and the photographer Giles Penfound is foremost among those; indeed his photography has been instrumental in helping us to exceed our clients expectations time and again.

So it is particularly satisfying to also count Giles as a client too, which means can help to create the reputation he deserves and indeed we have already had a wonderful example of his work published in the media and also on this blog.

Of course, while good PR can flourish from a chance conversation or exploited opportunity, the truth is that it can often come from a well honed strategy and as such we have been working with Giles for a little while to help position his business ahead of a concerted combination of both PR and marketing.

Actually it has been a good example of the collaborative work that comes out of the Newbury Business Group with Carl Wheatley from The Bridge, Chris Turberville-Tully from Inspiration Ink together with Morgan PR all contributing.

The latest part of that ongoing project involved Carl and myself meeting with Giles earlier today and it is truly exciting to see what is developing.

Morgan PR has long benefited from business coaching from Sally Rainbow-Ockwell of ActionCoach and it is always interesting to see how many of the lessons we have learned make it into this kind of consultation and clearly add value beyond our own public relations company.

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