Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I think I'm being followed by the Government...

Actually... I know the Government are following me! More specifically I know that the Office of the Prime Minister is paying particular attention to me!

How do I know and how can I be sure that this is not merely paranoia sneaking up upon me? Well, yesterday I blogged about joining twitter, the micro-blogging website and I have been watching the numbers following me gently grow and at the same time added those twitterers whom I may be curious to follow too.

That is how I stumbled upon Number 10 Downing Street's very own twitter feed. Worth a look, I have subscribed and within mere moments discover that my interest in Number 10 has been reciprocated and now they are following me! Admittedly they are following more than 4,000 people on twitter, but still...

See, so it is true and justifies the deliciously melodramatic headline to this blog post and is an entertaining prelude to my discovery via twitter that a local company, Puffbox, is behind some of the e-Government wizardry, including the new look Number 10 website.

What a small world wide web eh?

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