Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Speaking Russian at Newbury's French Bistro

Newbury’s popular French bistro, Le Petit Square was buzzing with children chattering in Russian when it threw its Market Place doors open to a visiting contingent from the blighted Chernobyl region of Belarus.

Ten youngsters aged nine and 10 are spending four weeks in the UK on holiday and it is the fourth year that such a trip has been organised by the Newbury branch of the national charity Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline.

All the children are staying with local host families and have been taking part in different activities and trips – including visits to the optician and dentist – so the chance to cook up some fun and food at Le Petit Square was a popular diversion when they spent this morning there.

Owner of the Michelin Recommend restaurant, Suzanne Hemchaoui said: “It was great fun! Our chef, John Cowan, and his team prepared some pizza dough for them and then they joined in adding the toppings of their choice. I guess pizza might not be French, but it was a fun food for them to make – we did have jambon et fromage pizza! Of course we cooked them then and everyone ate in the restaurant. It was great to hear them chattering in Russian when we are used to hearing French.

“This is actually the fourth year we have been involved with the charity and have entertained the children both here and also at our sister restaurant The Square in previous years.

“When I first heard about what they were doing it sounded such a lovely thing to do and they always seem to have so much fun here. It is something easy for us to do and gives everyone that warm gooey feeling in their tummy to have helped these children.”

As the leading public relations in West Berkshire Morgan PR was there to record the event and no doubt you will see it publicised soon.

Pictured below are the children from the Chernobyl region of Belarus, with their hosts and staff from Le Petit Square in Newbury outside the French bistro.

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