Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Morgan PR all of a twitter

I have little doubt that some of my regular readers will be labelling me simply a twit for embarking on a relationship with micro-blogging site twitter, but to be fair it has taken me since Christmas Eve last year to move any further than simply joining the fray.

That is to say I've just 'twittered' for the first time, mentioning a post that went online earlier on this blog - so in that sense if it drives traffic to this blog then that is a good thing so hold fire on the withering criticisim - unless you can do it in 160 characters or less, which is the text message friendly limit for posts on twitter.

Honestly, the jury is still in the canteen wondering whether to sneak fruit back into the courtroom on this one. I am not sure quite what value twitter can add to Morgan PR and our quest to deliver public relations throughout the Thames Valley, but there are enough people whom I respect out there doing it that it seems to be worth a try. But please do take me out back and shoot me if I start twittering about what I had for lunch. That seems to be quite common on twitter and that scares me. Not least as I skipped lunch.

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