Wednesday, May 30, 2007

4Networking Arrives in Newbury

I was at the launch of a brand new networking event this morning and I have to say 4Networking truly is something very different indeed!

Okay, yes it was a breakfast meeting and we did each spend some 60 seconds talking about our business to the group, but that was where the similarity ends! 4Networking has taken everything most other networking groups consider sacred... and dumped them in the waste bin of moribund business practices!

It was such a breath of fresh delightful air to hear how there are no restrictions on who can become a member - so if other public relations companies in Newbury wanted to join they would be welcome to sit alongside me! How odd is that in the world of networking? People from the same sectors in the same group? Heresy some would cry, before yelling 'Objection' and trying to ringfence their precious referrals.

Actually that is another difference - no referrals! The belief is you will naturally give referrals if you have them, but there is no complusion to do so.

What is most likely to lead to referrals is 4Networking's USP - the meeting concludes with a series of one to one sessions, time when you can really get to know someone and their business offering. How quickly will you discover if this is someone you want to refer business to? Exactly!

Hope to see you there soon!

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