Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Firepit Company has Smoking Ban Licked

Surely everyone is aware that the impending smoking ban in public places is looming ever closer with it becoming illegal to light up after July 1st this year.

As pubs and other venues scramble to find a solution to the ban - and try to interpret the new laws which seem to rule out anything immediately adjacent to the pub building - there is a local company here in the Thames Valley which has the answer.

I have written about The Firepit Company and its entreprenurial founder Carl Ullyat on other occasions but as that deadline draws ever closer things are really (brace yourself for intended pun...) hotting up for the business.

Originally the product, dubbed 'The Best Room in the House' was destined for the Great British garden, however the quality and appeal of the product is so much wider.

I spent this afternoon at one of The Firepit Company installations capturing images that will help illustrate the product to the hungry market. The easiest way to do this was for Carl to throw a barbecue and invite lots of friends who were happy to be snapped enjoying the delights of the the firepit.

Here are some of the images:

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