Thursday, May 17, 2007

Web Build Pro offers web design solution

New visitors to this thrilling blog may not know that Morgan PR also excels in providing web solutions – naturally web content is easy when you journalistic skills can make our delightful language sit up and beg for attention, but we also can provide web design too.

When we receive a web enquiry we will ensure that we match our best web people with your requirements, whether you seek a simple site to establish that essential virtual presence for a business, through to e-commerce. And of course whatever your website requirements, we have the know how to ensure that web optimisation will lead people to your site.

Today we have been working with two businesses that both need cost effective web solutions and both will initially be an online presence of two very real and impressive companies.

By a fortunate coincidence of scheduling both Sew Write Embroidery and FC Cummins and Sons are within a few metres of one another at Rookery Farm, Curridge, and we met with them in successive and successful meetings today and very soon both will have brand new websites.

I say we, I should elaborate – I was teamed up with Karen Chapple of The Best of Newbury fame, and increasingly well know for Web Build Pro, an extremely cost effective template based solution for web design solutions. It is straightforward enough for most people inclined to build their own site to do so and many do; however, even more choose to have us complete their site using the system.

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