Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Greenfields Consultancy Blossoms

I met Michelle Lucas today, she’s establishing Greenfields Consultancy, a life and career coaching business in Newbury and was seeking some public relations advice on the best way forward and naturally had come to Morgan PR.

It was one of those occasions when it is so much more than PR that we have to offer – it is our knowledge of the local business community and the networking opportunities that exist for a fledgling business.

Michelle is both charming and clearly knows her stuff – the challenge is helping local business professionals realise just how much they could gain from working with her.

Unlike counselling or therapy, coaching is more about dealing with ‘positive problems’ and focuses very much on the future rather than the past. It is also not training or advice because Michelle does not tell people what they should do – she asks the right questions so people can discover their own solutions.

Typically those most likely to benefit from Michelle’s expertise are:

  • people who have been made redundant and want to re-evaluate what they do
  • people who recognize the career they are in was ‘chosen’ for them by parents or teachers etc, and now want to find a career that is right for them
  • people who have achieved their career goals early and need a fresh challenge for the remainder of their career

Essentially in our busy world we rarely take time out to think about our lives or the future. A coaching programme offers dedicated time with a confidential sounding board to work things through.

With a little luck and a following wind there should be a nice story about Michelle in the forthcoming edition of the Newbury Business News.

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