Friday, May 25, 2007

Web Ink Now Says: Hire a Journalist!

I am constantly adding blogs to my newsfeeder through referral and discovery, but there is one that has been keeping me entertained and teaching a certain seasoned canine new magic and that is Web Ink Now

However it took a posting I read today to spur me into action and urge my readers to visit this wise web source.

Clearly knowledgeable, its author, David Meerman Scott, has made a very reasoned argument: Attention Marketers: Hire a Journalist! Not least when he writes:

"A journalist skillfully creates interesting stories about how an organization solves customer problems and then delivers those stories in the form of ebooks, white papers, content rich web pages, podcasts, and video. And consumers love it. How refreshing to read, listen to, and watch these products of journalistic expertise instead of the usual product come-ons that typical corporations produce."

Okay, the more observant of you will have spotted the transatlantic way of spelling organisation and realised we are talking about an American blog here, but nevertheless he does make a very good argument for why you should hire me here in the Thames Valley or more precisely Newbury.

Those already enjoying the limelight that comes from residing in the Morgan PR stable will know that Web Ink Now speaks wisely, for a journalistically trained PR will outperform a classroom mollycoddled marketeer, or media studies zombie when it comes to producing sparkling copy that will seduce the most grizzled news editors.

And it not just me saying that!

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