Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Flooding Advice Website on Radio Berkshire

With my Easton Bevins Chartered Building Surveyors regulatory if metaphorical Hard Hat at a jaunty angle I made my way to the near palatial environs of BBC Radio Berkshire today, part of the BBC Monitoring Station at historic Caversham Park, to talk about the launch of on the Andrew Peach Show.

It was nice to finally meet Andrew, someone who often interviewed me back when I was reeling out the thin blue line of spin for Thames Valley Police, but whom I had never actually met!

In the fabled (on Radio 4 that is) 8.10 am slot I was quizzed about the website and in true BBC style Andrew was quick to challenge me on what was in this venture for Easton Bevins.

The encounter lasted all of 1.45 seconds but led to a flurry of activity on the website over the next two hours, anyway, courtesy of the wonders of modern science - and for the purposes of a review under the 1988 Copyright Act, here is that interview:

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