Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tell Someone You Love Them – Or That You Don’t With a Mungogram!

TWO entrepreneurial Newbury brothers today launched a revolutionary website that allows people to log on and send greeting cards suitable for a host of special occasions – with their own message recorded inside.

“The idea for Mungogram came about on a road trip with my brother Sam,” explained Alex Green as he posed with Mungo amid the greenery of the Madagascan Gin Palace for a pre-launch photoshoot with Morgan PR. “We were going to see a relative and stopped to buy a greeting card. Sam came back with some hideous card that spewed out a repetitive tuneless noise, which he then insisted on singing for the rest of the journey, driving me insane.”

“With a little imagination and a touch of brainstorming we realised we could do this better and soon after Mungo was born – well actually we looked at different characters before choosing the friendly gorilla you can see here.” he said hugging the life size cut out of Mungo, who will feature on some excellent radio adverts from today on Kick FM.

“Essentially visitors log on to and choose their occasion – birthdays, thank you, get well soon, congratulations on your divorce – we have a very wide selection and also an ‘Adults Only’ section that is a bit more risqué!

“They can then choose one of a host of pre-recorded messages from our own library, or – and this is where the fun starts – record their own 12 second sound clip to go in their card. This can either be done through the site using their PC or if they prefer via a free 0800 telephone number. They can preview, re-record and make any changes until they are happy – and then we can post that directly to the recipient, or send it to the customer to sign and deliver, and all for just £4.99.

“There is nothing out there, either in the shops or on the web that compares with and hopefully generations to come will be spared some of those awful excuses for cards lurking in the shops and will instead be entertained by Mungo!”

The success of Mungogram hinges on the ease with which the website operates for visitors and that is down to BCL Numedia, the Newbury web solutions company headed by Darin Brockman.

“Mungogram is a fabulous idea,” Darin Brockman commented. “It has been a real fun project to be involved in and a challenge to realise the vision behind the concept.”

Alex Green was quick to praise the team at BCL Numedia too, he said: “We had the idea, but could not have brought it to market without the help of Darin and his team; they have brought it to life and made Mungo a reality. They are a seriously talented company and I shall be sending them a Mungogram to say so!”

The above article features in today's Newbury Business News and readers can send a Mungogram too and enjoy a generous 10 per cent discount just by entering the code NBN when prompted on the website The offer is valid until the end of August.

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